Work With Me

Cast talk back for Jitney by August Wilson

A few years ago I was directing and producing a show. I was in the middle of casting. I had a conversation with a local musician who I was asking to play a role. He was worried that he wouldn’t be up to the task. He wasn’t sure he could “…be an actor.” He’d been a performer for twenty years. He is intelligent and charismatic. Yet the thought of “being an actor” was something he had never thought of. He took the part. I guided him through the process as his director, including surrounding him with a cast full of actors who cared about his growth. After the show opened, he thanked me. Not for giving him the part, but for making sure he always felt supported. He thanked me for believing in him. It’s the joy of my life.

I wish his experience for everyone. I wish everyone had at least one time in their life where they felt supported, guided, and able to complete something that they never thought they could do. This is what I want for you. I want to help you get there.

Whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur or a corporate demigod I can help you know yourself better and take the steps to create a new way of looking at yourself, the world, and the work you do.

Sharing the podium at the Wreathlaying at the Mount Vernon Slave Memorial with Nikki Giovanni.

Implementing From Wisdom

No one ever stops learning. Ever. Not even me. Take the first step in becoming a better you. Book a discovery call with me. Do you know what it feels like to realize your purpose in life? Do you know what it feels like to know without a shadow of a doubt what you offer to the world? I do. It’s taken me so long to get here. It took years of me getting out of my own way, years of not adding people to my life that would get in my way, and a couple years of clearing those things so I could live and stand solidly in my purpose. What is it? To help you do the same thing. To give you the insight I have gained through the spiritual and the practical to do what I have done.

Speaking Engagements

I have spoken during panel lectures, for private educational institutions, and school systems all over the world. Whether teaching students about directing live theatre, informing them about traditional African religious practices, playwriting, reading tarot, or a mini master class in Black Theatrical Practice, you will receive a specifically crafted presentation for your audience based on my 30+ years of expertise.


There are few things that make me happier than writing. I’m always working on a project. I have several plays ready to be produced. I’m working on novels. I also have classes on theatre curated especially for those who want to learn, whether you’re an artist or an audience member.