Born in 1973 in Charlottesville, Virginia, I am a woman of African, Irish, and Native American heritage that I’ve traced back to the late 1700’s. I am a director, writer, singer, actress, and producer of art. I look really put together in this professionally taken picture. Let’s be clear, I’m an artist, so my existence is never as smooth sailing as this picture.

Photo by Eze Amos

This is, more often than not, how you find me on any given day. Holding one of my beautiful grandsons. I am the proud mother of two amazing children and “Mimi” to two equally amazing grandchildren.

As the Artistic Director for Jefferson School African American Heritage Center’s Charlottesville Players Guild, an all Black theatre company in Charlottesville, Va. I have had the pleasure of curating a project to produce all ten of the August Wilson’s Century Cycle. As you can see, we do a little Shakespeare too.

Playing the Orisha Oshun in CPG’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth entitled Black Mac.

I have completed a full length novel, and several novellas. Book Ends is the story of two writers who communicate to everyone but themselves. You can find my writing on Amazon.