“Leslie shares intuitive understanding and compassion for the benefit of all”

Robert Rannigan, The Father Connection

 Thirty-Seven by Leslie M. Scott-Jones

MARCH 25 – 28 
A young Black man wrestles with the decision to get involved in the Movement for Black Lives. Armed with intelligence well beyond his 8th grade education, we follow his journey through the everyday struggle of being Black in america.

Seth, played by Jamahl Garrison-Lowe, has been told that his entire existence is inconsequential, and he knows that to be a lie. Now he must decide what to do about it, weighing his physical safety against his emotional and spiritual well-being. While he ponders these thoughts, he must also survive long enough to put thought to action.


Jamahl Garrison-Lowe as Seth Cornelius Jefferson

Bibi Mama as Lillian Martin Wood

J.J. Johnson as Arthur Johnson

Megan Randall as Caroline Genovese

Andy Davis as Paul Dorden

In order to be an effective and impactful person you have to have access to emotion and be prepared to be fiercely vulnerable. The ability to receive, process and interact, instead of react, is vital for any productive relationship.

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